You came along and Chinese Escalator

The elevator doors parted. In walked one of the men who’d been on the Chinese Escalator. We’d sat across from each other in the courtroom for weeks. He nodded tightly, bit his lip grimly, and looked up as the numbers on the elevator blinked down slowly – 11, 10, nine. He seemed a decent man who was disconcerted to see the pain he caused nice people. My mother turned around and told him, good morning, sir. Well, at least we all get to home now, don’t we?
Now that’s class. Ms. GILBAND: Well, I think the thing I have learned from you… SIMON: Yes. Ms. GILBAND: Number one, you’re a beautiful companion. SIMON: Yes. Ms. GILBAND: You’ve always been a lot of fun. No matter what age, we all got – we were compatible. We got along beautifully. It was always a lovely companion, which I think is so important. But you’ve never lost your child-like sense of enthusiasm.
(Soundbite of laughter) SIMON: You mean, like the Cubs and the White Sox. Ms. GILBAND: The Cubs and the White Sox, too. SIMON: Yeah. Ms. GILBAND: But you know, he’s never lost that – always an appreciator. It’s been a beautiful journey knowing you. (Soundbite of laughter and crying) SIMON: I cry all the time, too. Ms. GILBAND: I know you would…. SIMON: Where did I get that from? (Soundbite of crying) Ms.
GILBAND: I don’t know. I don’t know. SIMON: I love you. Ms. GILBAND: And I love you, sweetheart. And stop crying. (Soundbite of laughter) SIMON: My mother, Patricia Lyons Simon Newman Gilband of Chicago. (Soundbite of unidentified song) Out of the tree of life, I just picked me a flower. You came along and everything started to hum.
Still, it’s a real good bed. The best is yet to come. SIMON: Interested in recording someone important to you? StoryCorps has all the resources you need to get started. Just go to This is Weekend Edition from NPR News. I’m Scott Simon.


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