The bank concluded elevator because the two were not connected

“I did not realize, even without my knowledge, I entered into an agreement with the lender of this company once I opened a line of credit.” “I don’t think many farmers do,” he says.

On the basis of these assumptions, the bank concluded that, fujihd elevator because the two were not connected, they were not to muhl any money and the right to compensation did not apply.

If it were not enough to frustrate Muhl, a rule of the court would be. Because it owed less than $15 000, the case fell under the jurisdiction of the Small claims court. “In this court, as an individual, I am not allowed to be represented by a lawyer unless a judge determines that it is necessary,” says Muhl. “I am a farm child who goes against a bank and their high-priced lawyers who clearly know the legal system much better than I do.” How is this a fair fight?

Bucher filed a letter on behalf of Muhl requesting permission to be represented. “The judge replied that he would decide, on the date of the court, whether or not I needed a representation,” Muhl said.


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